Top 9 Checklist for improving domain and page Authority

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There are different steps or checklist for improving domain and page authority. these are all given below

Checklist for improving site structure

  • Keep easy to understand, clean site structure for improving the experience of users.
  • Must monitor your bounce rate. The meaning of a low bounce rate is that no people will leave your once entering it. So, always focus on the low bounce rate.
  • Use links on your site in the form of text. It will helpful for users and search engines because they can easily find the most relevant content on your site.
  • Must insert alt text in your images. Inserting the alt considers as an anchor text for images. It is helpful for Google crawlers as they can easily understand your images.
  • For better crawlability, it is necessary for you to keep a limited number of links on your site.

Optimize your Site


  • Always link your site pages in relevant content. The internal linking strategy boosts your search engine performer.
  • Must find out the broken links and fix them and manage all the links as well.
  • For a better user experience must improve the speed of your page.

On-Page SEO


  • Must use your main keyword on all pages of the website.
  • Keep your URL short and relevant. so, it does not cut when displayed on the Google search result page.
  • As we know that Google loves fresh content so must create a recent post section on the side b. it helps Google Bots to improve the crawling speed.



  • Always create quality content that contains valuable information and the readers find it useful.
  • To attract more traffic use the link earning technique.
  • Make sure to produce evergreen content that attracts the user and they will get consistent visitors and links.
  • Research the trending topic on Google and find out that which type of content will attract the readers.
  • Generate Title from blog generator.

Content Promotion


  • Promote your content on all social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn Pinterest, etc.
  • Reach out to the influencers. For this purpose, you can join inbound marketing communities and can find experts in the SEO industry.
  • Must leverage your email subscribers list by placing subscription widgets in your sidebar, footer, or as well below your content.

Outreach to the people in your field


  • Reach the top class blogs and other types of websites as well in your related field and then suggest your content to them via email or contact form as well
  • By using Ahrefs, analyze your competitor’s links profile.

Social Media Presence


  • Must use social media sharing buttons to get exposure as when readers share your content you can get more traffic from social media platforms.
  • Must set up your social media profile with profile picture, cover picture, and details.
  • Try to gain high-authority followers initiate the conversation with them.

Brand Engagement


  • Must reply to the question of readers and comments.
  • By creating quizzes increase the engagement of readers. Quizzes are also very helpful in your content marketing campaigns.
  • Must increase the clickable internal linking to increase the engagement of users.

Relationship with influencers


  • Must share the content of influencers on social media platforms and don’t forget to tag or mention them. This way they will consider you as a regular reader.
  • Try to build the connection between you and influencers by simply letting them know that you are liking their content by comment or via tweet.
  • Ask them to like and share your content as well, occasionally. It is better if you ask them for their feedback.

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