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Social media marketing is one of the best ways for reaching to the prospective client. Marketing in social media will leads to grow your business by creating brand awareness and generating leads. The Life Links creates and manage social media marketing campaigns for the development of your business.

Marketing Process

Marketing process is basically a series of steps. These steps allows the organization to identify the problems of customers as well as Analyze the marketing opportunities. These steps allows the marketers to create the marketing materials to reach the targeted customers.

  • A mission statement is basically a company goal what they want to achieve and where they want to see themselves in the future. It includes these two points:
  • Purpose of the compny or project

Summarization of company mission statement in two sentences.

To ensure coherence between your business needs and what we do to enable it, we will have a detailed meeting with your representatives. After listening carefully and understanding your requirements, we will be presenting innovative ideas and giving our suggestions on how to turn them into reality based goals.

At the final stage, our designers will work on your required campaign and our writer will write the copies for you before they could be forwarded to the marketing department for final approval from your end. Once the deliverables are approved, we start the marketing process and keep on providing you on-going support that is required from our side.


Social Media Marketing takes your business to the potential and the right set of audience. According to the demand of our valuable customer we will analyze the market thoroughly and will design the user-friendly optimal solution for your business. After the proper discussion with our valuable customers we will come on one page and designs the best marketing strategies for your business like:

  • More sales
  • More traffic on the business social pages
  • More social media followers
  • More leads

     Moreover, our 360-degree consultancy approach will be designs in way that it will empower you and drives. comprehensive marketing strategy. We will closely connect with our valuable clients to define our marketing strategies based on the nature and ambition of the business.

    We will also designs a comprehensive marketing plan for your business for all the marketing medium, advertisement schedule, budget allocation of all marketing mediums, content writing as well as sponsorship programs.

    Marketing plan for your Business

    Marketing plan for your Business

    The marketing plan for the growth of your business will start with:

    • Short and long term goals for the growth of your business
    • The strategies for achieving goals at the digital level
    • The Marketing Mediums/ channels to use for paid advertising on social media.
    • Development and action plan of marketing strategies
    • Investment and budget planning
    • After detailed meetings, our team will set goals and make complete strategy according to the need of your business. Everything will be planned, written, and executed according to the plan.
    • The budget and frequency will be decided after the approval of budget.
    • Content is and always will be king, so we should spend more than half of our social media budget on content creation. Content consists of these elements:
    • Posters & Photography
    • Videos & and Graphics
    • Talent 
    • Copywriting
    • Our social media strategies will include organic content and paid advertising. Every social media channel offers many ways to boost posts or run full-fledged campaigns.
    • Search Engine Optimization 85% 85%
    • Content & Marketing 75% 75%
    • Search Engine Marketing 77% 77%

    Search Engine Optimization

    Google and other major search engines basically enhance the ability to track and provide the most relevant and beneficial content across the web. The purpose of this is to achieve your goals and ‘enable’ you reach to your potential and targeted customers. The Life links provide an integrated set of SEO services such as optimization of website, content marketing, keyword research as well as building backlinks. As we know that SEO is basically an investment that gives you possibly high returns later. Uplifting your rank to the top 3 positions on the first page. Most of the clicks go on the first page so this way it can provide a great return of a small investment in SEO.

    Content & Marketing

    Our professional content writers will write user-friendly content for your website after doing proper research. This way your business will because it brings organic traffic to your website and pages. Users will keep coming back to your website if they get the desired information that they are actively looking for. Moreover, we will update the content regularly on your social media channels and website. It will create a wat that the user visit again on your website if he founds valuable information there.

    Search Engine Marketing

    Search engine marketing is another popular and most effective marketing technique that aims to promote your website on the top of search engines pages (SERPs). It is mainly done through paid advertising. When it comes to advertising, the basic principles apply. After understanding the business objective and target market the life links helps you to design ads that drive traffic to your website or social media channels.

    Social Media Marking
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