Top 5 Steps to write the SEO content

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a technique that is basically used in web publishing to increase the traffic and the visibility of web pages for high ranking in search engines as well as for readers. By using search engine optimization (SEO), the writer requires decent writing skills as well. The content must be thought-provoking and as well as easy to readable. The placement of keywords and key phrases must be strategic in the text. Moreover, if you add up the hyperlinks in the text it will boost the readership of the page. So, read the following step that how can you write an interesting article using search engine optimization (SEO).

Steps to write the SEO content

Step 1: Outline your Article

The article should be well-written, informative, and as well as engaging. The article must be present a new angle on some particular topic. If we provide useful information at the beginning of the article then people will continue reading it. The article must contain useful information, interesting as well as valuable.

The article which is well-written and has valuable information will definitely attract more traffic. As a result of this, many readers will visit your website on daily basis. As a result of this, links marketers will be more attracted to your site and want to use your page for their advertisement.

Google search engine gives the most important to the title of the article. So, it is necessary that a key phrase or keywords must be present in the title. It is basically the main part of operative SEO.

Step 2: Make a list of keywords for your article

This is the most important step of SEO. As the publisher has to add it in the metadata of the page. It is basically part of HTML code.

It will be very helpful for readers or as well as for Google if the article is divided into headings or subheadings. When readers read the article with ease they appreciate it more. As we know that most of the people on the internet are who brows basically are skim-readers. So, if the article contains the sub-headings people read it more and stay on a page for a long time.

Keywords are basically the word phrases that are used by people to search for information on some specific topic. For example, the keyword for an article on the skin could be “skincare or skincare products”. The keywords could be, skin, products, skincare, etc.

The key phrases and keywords are basically registered by “spiders”. It is just basically a script that search engines send on every page on the internet. The spiders basically across the web basically check the quality of the content. There is one way to determine by registering the keyword or key phrase. SEO also detects how often the keyword is used. It also determines the type of hyperlinks that they are outbound or inbound. Hyperlinks are basically the links to other relevant pages of a particular topic.

Step 3: write your Article

  • while doing SEO Make sure there is no grammatical error or spelling mistake in your article.
  • Give your article a powerful title
  • Break up your article with short paragraphs and use subheadings.
  • Must use the most important key phrases at the beginning of the article. Use the major keywords in the first paragraph of the article.
  • Don’t overuse keywords or phrases in the article. Use them naturally throughout the content. However, the recommended density of keywords is 1-3%.
  • Must use the most important keywords in the headings or sub-headings. Make sure you only add one H1 in the content because that is basically the main heading of your article.
  • Use bullets for the presentation of your content as the long paragraphs do not sound appealing. You can also use media files for a better understanding of the readers.
  • If it makes sense then bold or italic the keywords or keyphrases in the content.
  • While doing SEO Do not use too many keywords in the content because Google search engines assume that keywords are stuffing.
  • If the title contains the keywords then the first sentence of the article also contains the keyword. For the breakage of redundancy try to start your article through a question. As the keyword is already in the sentence you just need to highlight or bold it. It will make the content more emphasizing and when Google algorithms scan the article it will make a huge effect on the content.
  • The keywords must be present in the last paragraph of the sentence just similar to the first. It will make the content more emphasized.

Step 4: include hyperlinks in your article

Hyperlinks are basically web pages links that are relevant to the topic. In SEO You can highlight the keyword or phrase and add the web address of that page to which you want to link. Moreover, make sure that every link of a web page has quality content and is easy to navigate.

Step 5: builds links to your article

If you have a well-written article then let the world know about it. Simply share the link of your article on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms and encourage your friends to re-share it.

Turning the keywords into clickable links allows the Google search engine to emphasize the content more. It should be done at the beginning and as well as at the end of the content where most of the keywords are located.


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